What is this podcast about?

This podcast is hosted by Amber and Nathalie, two regular ladies living in southern California navigating real health, relationships and wellness, trying to cut through the bullshit to figure out what's worth their (and your!) time so we can all be living our very best life. 


How often NEW episodes come out?

New episodes come out every Tuesday - because #TuesdaysAreForTheGirls - so make sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your ep's. We're also on the 'gram and have a secret (whoops!) FB group called Real Good babes for our the gals who want all the deets on upcoming meet ups, events, and BTS content.


Where can I listen?

We upload new episodes weekly on iTunes, Google Play + Stitcher, and you can usually find us wherever you get your podcasts! Just search 'real good podcast'. If you can't find us on a specific channel, please let us know so we can make it available for you!


I want to come to your next event! How do I make that happen?

Make sure you are subscribed to our social media pages and newsletter list, and then listen really close to episodes because we will almost always announce there first! You can also check out our events page.