Ep. 6: Jade Eggs, Suppositories + Other Weird Stuff You do with Your Vagina

In this weeks episode, hear the ladies thoughts on DJ Khaled, their experience at Wanderlust and why they think baseball is boring. Amber and Nathalie get into everything vagina's this week! We talk vaginal steaming, jade eggs, vaginal weightlifting, vajazzling, natural hair removal, natural lube, and PH balance. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts, let's connect on social media - links below!

Things Mentioned:
Why we're mad at DJ Khaled
Wanderlust 108
MBG-Vaginal SteamingVaginal Steaming 2
#Thingiliftwithmyvagina - @kimanami
Rael Feminine Care Wash
Good Clean Love Lube
Kimberly Snyder - Candida Diet/How to reduce Yeast Infections
NPR - Prairie Home Companion

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In Real Community, Amber shares a review on iTunes from Rooter126, "I always find myself smiling and awkwardly laughing by myself while listening. So relatable and a good real life check in. #tuesdaysareforthegirls I'm sure it will catch on one day.


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Amber St. Peter