Ep. 10: Cryotherapy, Cupping, Acupuncture + Alternative Medicine

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This week on the Real Good Podcast, Amber and Nathalie talk about new music playlists, the start of California summer heat and how much they love popcorn. They tried a boxing class and hit up the cryo chamber after and tell you all about it! They breakdown their first cryotherapy session, and what went down while the froze their literal butt's off. The ladies delve into different forms of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, acupressure, gua sha, reflexology, cupping, earthing, naturopathy and more! Sharing science backed info as well as their own personal experiences with the various treatments.

Things Mentioned:
Boxhaus OC
Polar Cryotherapy
Book: Macrobiotic Home Remedies by Michio Kushi
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Gua Sha
Manuka Honey

In Real Community, we share a review from Sam, "Just finished last weeks episode and looking forward to hearing about the gut (thanks to Amber for introducing me to Good Belly on your insta bc I swear by them!) Anyway I love the podcast it's like I'm hanging out with you guys chatting! I was hoping you could maybe do an episode on just doing it and finding the motivation for yoga. I've been in the doldrums lately with healthy eating and yoga and was wondering where you get your inspiration and drive! I got into a YTT program that starts in October and I need a good old fashioned reset kick in the pants this summer! And I figured you'd be the girls to ask! Keep on being you!"

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